welcome to soul adventures

sending you all the love from the hills in ibiza

so many thanks to our wonderful guests so far this season for making the experiences so incredibly powerful and amazing

i look forward to welcoming you here to share the magic and our full retreat schedule is open for booking

love Trish x

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“It has gone way beyond any expectations I had. I have never experienced anything like this, yet it has been the most natural thing. I feel cushioned from the outside world and have been given the space to explore who I AM. This is something everyone should experience in my eyes. Learning about myself has been invaluable, I have gone through the pain threshold and released pain in a way I didn’t know was possible!”

"I connected - I connected with me"

"Sometimes in life it feels like there is a bit missing – As soon as you open up to your first class – yoga – sunset – garlands – gongs – chants – heartbeats … something stirs within."



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