…is the ancient mother of all yoga and also known as the yoga of awareness. This yoga works on the nervous and glandular systems to bring about profound transformation and it stands out from other forms of yoga through the speed of the effects. For me, Kundalini Yoga is a very powerful tool for the times we live in and the results are so positive in bringing us back to connect with the true essence of ourselves, helping us to manage life a little easier and to feel a LOT better.

We have deeper experiences in life when we practice kundalini yoga, we become radiant, we grow and glow.

It's gorgeous!


Classes take place at Xuclar Beach House

We’re looking forward to the return of our classes in April! Watch this space for more details.

Booking is essential for all classes please either via email or Whatsapp +3469371265.

Directions to Xuclar Beach House:

Follow signs for Portinatx / San Juan

Before you arrive at the village of San Juan, turn off in direction Portinatx.

Go past the beaches of Xarraca and S'illot.  Shortly after the 26km marker on the right hand side you will go round a bend and see the sign for Cala Xuclar ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE then there is a right turn 2 seconds past the sign to take you up the hill to the Xuclar Beach House. 

( locator 39.100579, 1.512151 )

You are here :)