Vibrate at Your Highest Frequency

7 Night Kundalini Yoga and Healing Retreats

27th April - 4th May 2019

25th May - 4th June 2019

 14th - 21st September 2019

During this week long retreat we focus on a chakra a day with a specific programme of kundalini yoga and meditation sessions (morning and evening) and incorporating the ancient arts of Reiki and Shamanic Healing alongside the therapeutic vibrations of daily gong meditations.

I have been presenting this programme since 2013 and can only say it is a truly transformational experience which connects us back to ourselves, our true selves, back to the real essence and that is where our highest frequency resides.

We go deep into the process of clearing energetic blocks, coming back to centre and stepping into  bliss. When our chakras are open and balanced we then begin to vibrate at higher frequencies, we begin to feel wonderful, vital, energised, glowing, flowing, calm, and quite simply happy. 

This programme affects deep a deep softening and transformation.

The food offering will be presented by nutritional health specialist Mel Atkinson of watermelonwell. Mel is a kundalini yoga teacher, a naturopath and a nutritionist and the food offering is so incredibly aligned with the work at hand. Mel is passionate about cooking whole foods using the highest quality ingredients with maximum healing benefits. We focus on the energetics of the food in relation to the chakra each day and you can taste this pure alchemy in each and every meal. Delicious chakra themed days to nourish you throughout a week of relaxation and elevation. For the Root chakra and your arrival day we will focus on grounding food to settle you after your journey. Bright reds, berries and tomatoes. For the Sacral chakra we will have hearty root vegetables with nuts and seeds for nourishment. Manipura day we will incorporate bright yellow corn, peppers and chickpeas to strengthen the solar plexus. Delicious heart chakra day we will use fresh organic greens to keep things super elevating and bright. For the throat chakra sea greens are on the menu to enhance communication and creativity. For an open Third eye chakra we want to use deep blues and purples so aubergine and red onions are perfect. For our last day and the crown chakra we will keep things light and elevating so expect fresh salads and a hydrating and nutrient dense broth.

We reside at our beautiful Xuclar Beach House, an elegant beach house set high up in the mountain surrounded by forest and opposite the beach.  This is true Ibiza style at it finest, an authentic Ibiza experience, with incredible sunsets and many secluded spots for watching the sun go down.  Each room is named after one of the glorious local beaches along this precious northern coast of the island and each room has stunning views either out to sea or the mountains.

As always we work in an intimate group to really facilitate going deep.

      All in all, a trip into another type of reality and of course, these weeks are holidays so there is always a lot of laughter, love and support and it is such a blessing to see everyone leaving so blissful and happy each and every time.

That is the invitation ... so if you feel this experience is calling to you and resonates with you then please do join us.

 I look forward to welcoming you for these powerful weeks of self-realization, transformation and opening to your highest frequencies in this divine location on the magical island of Ibiza





A Typical Day at Vibrate at your Highest Frequency Retreat

8.30 – 10.00 Morning kundalini yoga and meditation class

10.00 – 11.00 Breakfast

11.30 – 12.30 Workshops including in depth focus on the chakras / shamanic healing techniques / energy management and general check-in

1.00 – 2.00 Lunch

2.00 – 6.30 Free time to relax/ explore the location / therapies

6.30 – 8.00 Evening kundalini yoga and meditation class with gong

8.00 – 9.30 Dinner

*Price includes full board and all meals for the week - flights not included.

Arrivals are welcome from 2pm on Saturday with our first class starting at 6pm

The Retreat completes after breakfast the following Saturday with departures by midday.





XUCLAR SUITE           

Large master bedroom with en suite bathroom

Double doors out to small terrace with stunning views out to the mountains and the sea

Wake up and see the pink horizon on the sea from your pillow

Price: €2040 single person occupancy / €1272 per person sharing



Large double bedroom with beautiful mountain views situated on the top floor

Shares bathroom with Jacuzzi with one other bedroom

Price: €1925 single person occupancy / €1210 per person sharing



Beautiful room on lower ground floor with separate entrance and terrace with views out to sea

Shares bathroom with one other room

Price: €1925 single person occupancy / €1210 per person sharing




Darling double room on lower ground floor with views out to the dream garden and the sea beyond the orange trees

Shares bathroom with one other room

Price: €1570 single person occupancy


MOON BEACH (TWIN)                      

Large double or twin room on top floor with stunning mountain views from your pillow

Shares bathroom with one other room

Price: €1925 single person occupancy / €1620 per person sharing


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