June 17-24


Summer Solstice is my favourite time of the year, the long days of the most light and this year I am excited to share these special days in a week long retreat tuning into the sunshine energy, the surya, the fire.  

We will rise up our energies to meet the golden light, to expand, to allow more light to come in.

We will focus on coming back to centre, we will nourish the fire in the belly and then proceed to concentrate on then expanding the aura to shine brighter and reverberate all this light.

We will incorporate a sweat lodge to purify, to give thanks and to send up our wishes for the next half of the turning year.

Our menu will be full of light, full of nourishment, full of love and designed to enhance the experience of the programme.

This will be a week of kundalini yoga and meditation and healing, a moment of coming deep into connection with yourself, your light, your joy and your gratitude.  A week of sharing magic and magical sunsets and going deep into adventures of the soul, going deep into nature, going deep into relaxation … a week to be IN JOY.


Typical Day on the Summer Solstice Retreat …

9.30-11am - Morning Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Gong Relaxation
11.15am - Breakfast
12.15pm - Healing/Massage/Therapy Time
2.00pm - Lunch
3.00pm - 6.00 - Relaxation, discover Ibiza time
6.30pm - 8.30 - Evening Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Gong Relaxation
8.00pm - Dinner
10.00pm - Sweet Dreams

*Price includes full board and all meals for the week - flights not included.




This double room has its own entrance from the main terrace with bathroom en suite.

Price: €1800 single person occupancy / €1300 per person for sharing




Double room on the top floor with stunning views over the countryside and its own private terrace.

Price: €1700 single person occupancy / €1200 per person sharing



Large double room filled with amethyst and appointed off the main temple

Price: €1600 single person occupancy / €1100 per person sharing



This gorgeous room is the perfect cool Ibiza cave for the summer. Original features with double bed and large wardrobes, the tiny window overlooks the surrounding hills. 

Price: €1600 single person occupancy / €1100 per person sharing



These rooms are for friends to share and our version of a twin room where you have the option of keeping the adjoining door open or closed

Both rooms feature the incredibly beautiful original floors, one in greens and pinks and the other in black and white.

Price: €1400 per person

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