4 Day Kundalini Yoga and Healing Retreats


27-30 JULY


I'm always delighted to share this radiance experience with small groups, here in Ibiza, throughout the year. I developed this programme whilst working with clients visiting for mini retreats and it continues to refine and to generate powerful effects. Really this is an invitation to relax, to go deeper into your connection with your true self, to step back into your radiance, to retreat for a moment and to enjoy a weekend of bliss in the beauty of Ibiza.

During these weekends we re-connect to our true radiance with specific kundalini yoga and meditation classes.   Of course, in order to get there we first need to clear out toxins, clean the organs, clear the energy, relax the physical body, still the mind and open the energy up. We enhance the experience with shamanic reiki healing and focus on removing energetic blocks.

We reside at Casa Aventuras, an incredibly beautiful renovated and extended 300 year old finca, ibiza style in its finest, set on top of a hill with incredible sunsets, 12 acres of beautiful land with our own forests and an exquisite swimming pool.

We feed the soul with 2 kundalini yoga sessions per day and we nourish the body with a specifically designed menu which works alongside the yoga to detox the body, clean the liver and balance the body's PH, leaving you feeling refreshed.

I am delighted to share the Radiance Retreat experience with incredibly talented chef Amy Forbes. Amy is also a student of kundalini yoga so understands the process and alongside that she employs her Cordon Bleu expertise to create super delicious menus which are gluten / sugar / dairy free and each meal really is an experience. Mostly using produce direct from the farmers kitchen the food offering at our Radiance Retreats is designed to compliment the yoga practice and the food really is the medicine here.

In the afternoons, out of season, we take in take some lovely walks and make the most of deserted beaches (sometimes for a sunset kundalini yoga class) and during the warmer months we take in the sunshine by day and we lie under the stars as much as possible - all the time! As always with kundalini yoga, this programme is open to all, regardless of age and previous experience.

Our radiance is a brilliant light field and yes of course our radiance shines out through the eyes and the skin and the smile but the source of this radiance is deep within the radiant body. And so yes we do look radiant and shiny on the outside after the programme but the best bit is that we are radiant from deep within.


Typical Day on a Radiance Retreat …

9.30-11am - Morning Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Gong Relaxation
11.15am - Breakfast
12.15pm - Healing/Massage/Therapy Time
2.00pm - Lunch
3.00pm - 6.00 - Relaxation, discover Ibiza time
6.30pm - 8.30 - Evening Kundalini Yoga and Meditation with Gong Relaxation
8.00pm - Dinner
10.00pm - Sweet Dreams

*not including flights. British Airways flies to Ibiza all year round from London City.



This double room has its own entrance from the main terrace with bathroom en suite.

Price: €1400 single person occupancy / €1100 per person for sharing



Double room on the top floor with stunning views over the countryside and its own private terrace.

Price: €1300 single person occupancy / €1100 per person sharing



Large double room filled with amethyst and appointed off the main temple

Price: €1200 single person occupancy / €950 per person sharing



This gorgeous room is the perfect cool Ibiza cave for the summer. Original features with double bed and large wardrobes, the tiny window overlooks the surrounding hills. 

Price: €1200 single person occupancy / €950 per person sharing



These rooms are for friends to share and our version of a twin room where you have the option of keeping the adjoining door open or closed

Both rooms feature the incredibly beautiful original floors, one in greens and pinks and the other in black and white.

Price: €1100 per person

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