4 day breathwork, kundalini yoga & sound healing retreat

6th - 9th September with 

Annabel James & Trish Whelan

This special offering is a unique combination of breathwork, kundalini yoga and sound healing coming together to create a journey of deep healing and transformation.

Trish and Annabel have worked alongside each other for the past year and continually see how powerfully the breathwork and kundalini compliment each other to unlock stronger soul connections and attain deeper joys

The combination of Kundalini and breathwork together over a few days will allow us to dissolve the illusory walls of separation so that we may embody our absolute truth and divinity, experience greater freedom from our monkey minds, shine in our fullest potential, laugh, have fun and empower ourselves and each other to find or strengthen our path.

The daily breathwork journeys will give permission for repressed emotion to be brought to conscious awareness in order to be released and integrated, and thus creating a catalyst to transform what no longer serves us and shine a light on who we really are. The kundalini programme has been designed to support the full release of energy and to prepare the body and the whole vibration to be open to the big shifts possible here.

At the end of each day we surrender to the healing sounds of the gong and the drum and dissolve deeper into our true bliss.

Embracing these practices in our intimate retreat group will illuminate where we are not living in harmony and release the fears and stories that paralyse us and allow us to submit and connect to infinite possibilities where we can create a life we really love.

We welcome you into a supportive, safe, unconditional space, provided to nurture you.

You are invited to come exactly as you are – everyone  is welcome. 

You may come with ‘nothing to work on’ and have hugely profound, life-changing insights, or simply become more present and aware. We endeavour to move beyond the stories that are holding us in the past or projecting us into the future and come to rest in the heart of the truth allowing us to be free of the past and face the unknown with courage. 

A sacred space of beauty is created and designed to open the senses, making you more available to experience whatever form of realisation is needed.

  Nourish yourself with breath, an abundance of life force energy and beautifully cooked food made with love, presence and devotion.

Transform and purify with kundalini yoga, breathwork journeys, meditations, deep enquiry and sharing

Awaken the wisdom and power of your heart

Experience and leave with a deeper connection to yourself, others and all life, and the true meaning of yoga

Union with your spirit – the part of you intimately connected to all that is

Our wish is that you are reminded that our natural state is peace and bliss and to remember that we are connected, resourceful and whole and that nothing is broken or needs to be fixed, we just need to have the courage to be who we really are!


A Typical Day on this special retreat

8.30 - 930am  Kundalini Yoga & Meditation with Trish

930 - 1030am  Breakfast

12 - 2pm Breathwork Journey with Annabel

2 - 3pm Lunch

6 - 7pm Workshop with Annabel

7 - 8pm Kundalini Meditation & gong with Trish  

This retreat starts with lunch at 2pm on day one and completes after lunch on Sunday with departures by 3pm.


XUCLAR SUITE           

Large master bedroom with en suite bathroom

Double doors out to small terrace with stunning views out to the mountains and the sea

Wake up and see the pink horizon on the sea from your pillow

Price: €1400 single person occupancy / €1100 per person sharing



Large double bedroom with beautiful mountain views situated on the top floor

Shares bathroom with Jacuzzi with one other bedroom

Price: €1200 single person occupancy / €1000 per person sharing



Beautiful room on lower ground floor with separate entrance and terrace with views out to sea

Shares bathroom with one other room

Price: €1200 single person occupancy / €950 per person sharing



Darling double room on lower ground floor with views out to the dream garden and the sea beyond the orange trees

Shares bathroom with one other room

Price: €1100 single person occupancy


MOON BEACH (TWIN)                      

Large double or twin room on top floor with stunning mountain views from your pillow

Shares bathroom with one other room

Price: €1200 single person occupancy / €1000 per person sharing